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About Mineral Mapping

Mineral Mapping provides expert geochemical solutions to mining companies and the resources industry.

Over the last 40 years the standard commercially available geochemical assay techniques have changed from AAS to INAA to ICP-AES to ICP-MS. The real cost per assay has barely changed, but we can now have 40 or more elements routinely assayed with detection limits way lower than average crustal abundance levels. If you don’t analyse to these levels, then you can’t measure the full size of the anomaly. In addition to measuring ore metals and pathfinders, the immobile elements in the assay package allow a geochemical fingerprinting of the host rocks, and the major elements allow a quantification of the alteration mineralogy.

Surprisingly, most exploration companies fail to make use of the best available geochemical analysis methods. When there is two orders of magnitude difference in the detection limits for most of the pathfinders between ICP-MS and ICP-AES, why would you still use ICP-AES? When a near total digest allows you to completely characterise the sample media, including rock types and alteration, why would you still use an aqua regia digest?

Measuring the full package of elements is one thing, but knowing what to do with the results is not obvious to a non-specialist. Mineral Mapping has years of experience working with over 100 different clients. Our aim is to extract the full range of information available from the integration of multielement geochemical data mineralogical data derived from SWIR logging. We use software packages including ioGAS, Mapinfo, MAAD and Leapfrog to provide clients with an interpretation of their data in either a GIS format or a modelled 3D visualization. We regularly work with data sets at a variety of scales, from country-wide, to individual ore shoots.



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